Thursday, June 04, 2009

Working Wednesdays:
Weekly Meal Plan

As yesterday was busy with a sick child, I thought you would understand the delay in posting this.
Wednesday: Garden salad with boiled eggs
Thursday: Veggie Stew
Friday: BBQ chicken, brown rice, zucchini & peppers charred on the BBQ
Saturday: Kebabs & garden salad
Sunday: Quiche & boiled potatoes, salad. Apple strudel for dessert
Monday: Steak, baked potatoes, brocolii, butter fried mushrooms
Tuesday: Penne w/ BBQ chicken & mushrooms, white cheese sauce

Magoo is still not feeling well. He was bouncing around yesterday afternoon but this morning he fell asleep getting dressed! For those who know Magoo this is NOT normal AT ALL. So yes, I am concerned and if this keeps up will be calling the ND & tele health. He asked for fruit salad for breakfast and I sprinkled on some almonds to give him strength. Odd that he was fine as of lunch yesterday and had his energy back and today is dead tired. Concerning to say the least.
Part of being a Mother (I find) is being flexible. Yesterday was errand day, it didn't happen (obviously) so it was going to be today, but now it looks like it will be tomorrow! Which is fine, as Sprout and I ran out and got some groceries yesterday in the early hours of the morning while Hubby was getting ready for work and the other two were sleeping. I'll close with a verse from a hymn that seems to be running through my mind lately.

"I ask thee for the daily strength,
to none that ask denied.
A mind to blend with outward life,
while keeping at thy side.
Content to fill a little space,
if thou be glorified."


Danielle said...

that hymn isn't familiar to me...thanks for sharing

Mother By the River said...

I hope Magoo feels better soon!

I feel for you especially as I have had to stay at home all week too because of my son's cough. It is starting to feel a little lonely especially after missing out on Bible class last night (my husband was still able to go).
All plans for this week went out the window for us as well. We are still hoping to go camping this weekend though! We will just keep him warm and keep things low key. He isn't sicky sick- just the cough.

I love that hymn too!

Thinking about you! Keep us posted!