Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Working Wednesdays:
Meal Plan & Grocery Shopping with Kids

Wednesday: Faijas with precooked beef, red pepper, onion, mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes
Thursday: Hamburgers & homemade BBQ fries (precook the potatoes the night before to save heating up the house)
Friday: BBQ chicken, BBQ veggies, salad
Saturday: Chef's salad with boiled eggs and cut up ham on top
Sunday: Roast chicken, potatoes, carrots, salad, ice cream for dessert
Monday: Spaghetti for the family, salad for me
Tuesday: BBQ veggies and basmati rice

I've had some comments recently to the effect that I am insanely crazy to go grocery shopping with 3 kids aged 6, 3 & 1. Here are some pointers that we find helpful:

1) Explain the reason for the shop, what we are getting and for who. Example: "today we are going to shop for Ethan's Birthday gift" then I ask "So who are we shopping for?" and they answer "Ethan". This helps to stop the gimmes and focus their attention on the task at hand

2) Make a master list on the computer. This way it is a simple task to cross out the items we do NOT need and this leaves us with our weekly list.

3) Never go after 4 pm or on the weekend, as it is crazy busy which makes it more difficult with children.

4) Make older kids their own grocery list. Magoo's are 4-5 items that are small words that he can read and Princess' is 2-3 pictures. I'll also let them make their own and bring them.

5) Let the kids help pick out produce and items (i would recommend not letting them pick the eggs!). So what if it isn't the cucumber you would have chosen, they feel helpful and therefore happy.

6) Have a snack or meal before you go, hungry kids are grumpy kids.

7) Don't go within an hour of baby's nap time....if you run late you will pay!

8) For discipline in the store, as the 2 are old enough now, I will take something away. Example "Princess you have asked for too many things, that is Achan like and greedy, when we get home you have lost your princess doll." They understand that they have lost it for 3 days to a week and it goes on Mummy's desk for that. Make sure that you follow through!

9) Don't go when you are stressed or impatient. It will only get worse.

10) Work in an extra 20-30 minutes, as with all activities with children, it may and probably will take longer then expected.

How do you handle shopping with kids?

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flourishing olive branches said...

excellent tips lindsay!! i take my 4 everywhere--bank, groceries, shoes, post office...whatever needs to be done. i've had people tell me that it would be easier to just wait until ben is home, and go by myself, or delegate those errands to him, etc...
i always think, first of all, he works hard enough, and he has enough on his plate thank you very much! also, how will they learn proper behavior, manners, or socialize in real life settings and situations if they are never present for them, right? i see it a a perfect opportunity to learn about the real world around them, and everywhere we go we've developed a routine. of course, with each new addition to our family, the routine has been tweaked here and there to include everyone. but the truth is, i enjoy my kids, and being with them!! i get so irritated when i see parents who just can't *wait* to rush away from their children. i'm all for a little 'me' time, but i refuse to forget that God has given these children to me, and raising them, and teaching them, and preparing them is directly my responsibility!
we already incorperate just about every one of your tips--very well put!!