Friday, May 29, 2009

Fhoto Friday:
Glimpses of the Wedding

Yummy Breakfast, natural sustainment. Spiritual discussions, spiritual susstainment.

Magoo Ready to go! We need to leave at this point.

Opps, forgotten cuff links....riped out the stiches 5 minutes latter when remembered we could borrow a pair from a brother.

"Do you think they'll notice the missing top button"
"um, you're on stage right"
"give me the jacket"
(ended up in a diz and had to sew it on 3 times!)

The Groom pulls out!

Simple yet elegant decorations


Final words of wisdom from beloved grandparents

Did I mention the Groom sang the Bride down the aisle,
singing a song about God bringing a virtuous woman to him.
(yep, I cried)

Our first ever family photo since being blessed with Sprout!

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Jenna said...

Your family photo turned out beautifully! The girls' dresses are very cute. Thanks for sharing photos from the special day!