Sunday, May 17, 2009


Yep, I've been neglecting this blog, reading books instead of writing if truth be told! We have a schedule for the chores, a schedule for Bible studies, a schedule for the Daily Readings, a schedule for Magoo's school work....

Mummy needs a blogging schedule.

You know what is weird about all this....I claim to detest schedule, but actually thrive under them, must be a lesson in that somewhere!

So here goes:

Meaningful Mondays : My goal is to start off the week with a spiritual thought, exhortation, something to start our weeks off with our heads in heavenly places as it were

Working Wednesdays: My goal is to re-focus on our tastes around the house midweek. To try to inspire myself to keep on task and keep going. This will include a menu plan for the next week and a focus area for the house.

Fhoto Friday: Yep you guessed it the post centered around a picture taken during that week.

On the other days, I will just keep up with the usual banter from my humble brain, that is if and when Mummy gets on here!

I hope that this will help us keep on track and maybe even get some traffic flow back on our site!

BTW: sewing elaborate folds onto the bodice of a dress, just to then see that now the bodice is 2 inches shy of meeting the pattern is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING.

Yep, Lindsay's trying to sew matching dresses for the girls....for the wedding this Saturday

Conclusion: I am INSANE!

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