Sunday, May 03, 2009

I know that you are probably waiting for a great post about our very spiritually uplifting week last week...

However the Pox have returned to our home! Both girls have came down with it yesterday. In the grand scheme of things this is actually great timing. After the study week, before the wedding, before more company arrives....

I would dearly love to post about our week, but to do it justice have decided to wait until the Pox is gone so that I can sit down and concentrate on it.

Having said that I will try to get that done sooner then latter! How I sincerely wish to share with you some of the amazing things pointed out to us in the Word....thrilling stuff!

It is supposed to start raining tomorrow for the duration of the week. So when getting a break from the Pox we will be reorganizing the house and getting rid of junk! Physical and spiritual junk!

Hope your week goes well!

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Danielle said...

Sounds exciting...can't wait to hear!