Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Got Tagged, so thanks to Joy Home Living I will have to delay scrubbing of the kitchen floor!

7 things I'm looking forward to..
1) Return of Christ
2) Planting the veggie patch
3) Enjoying dessert with Hubby & a bro. tonight after they return from class
4) Sandle season
5) Having more large families over more often now that it is warmer
6) Making a model of the Tabernacle with SS kids on Sunday
7) Being skinny again.....

7 things I did Yesterday (or today but yall wont read it till tomorrow so it will be yesterday)
1) Ate an apple fritter for breakfast (might contribute to the above #7!)
2) Knit 2 dishclothes for a gift
3) Visited an amazing book shop
4) Enjoyed a day at Niagara Falls (haven't been for 7 years)
5) Had our first BBQ (chicken!)
6) Listened to Hubby & bro Mark have great chats in the car
7) Ate apple crumble

7 things I wish I could do
1) Memorize scripture at the drop of a hat
2) Not worry about how someone is going to take what I'm about to say (I ALWAYS put my foot in my mouth!)
3) Have more patience
4) Keep a clean house
5) Sing
6) Play the Cello
7) Stay organized

7 shows I watch.
1) We don't have a t.v.

7 Books I read:
1) The Bible
2) And The Policeman Smiled (Kindertransport book)
3) Little House in the Big Woods
4) Farmer Boy
5) Gate of Zion (Zion Chronicle book series)
6) The Schoolmaster (Bro John Martin)
7) Tongue of the Prophets

(I would recommend every single one of those!)

7 People I tag;
How about all my followers. The kitchen is calling my name!

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