Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spots....of the Chicken variety!
The worst possible time for the Goons to come down with chicken pox would be the week that the speaker from New Zealand is staying at our home. The weekend of the family study day, a time when we are to be uplifted.
Yep Speaker arrives tomorrow night....and Magoo will then be on day 4 of Spots.
Since they have been going around the area for the past 4 mths and after a quick call to the doc, we decided that the other kids and one of us could go. Seeing as how Magoo didn't come down with it until the 20th day of a 21 day incubation....
We'll see what we do. Magoo should be dried up and fine by then. I really don't know what to do.
Right now I'm just plain DEPRESSED!!!!!!!


Danielle said...

Bummer! I wish I could be encouraging to you! I've never gone through those chicken spots...but I do know God's timing is always perfect:-)

flourishing olive branches said...

i remember having them s a kid, ugh, no fun! however, i am actually hoping the kids will get them so that it will be over and done with.(we don't vaccinate our kids) of course, i feel badly that the timing stinks. although, when really IS a good time, right?!