Friday, April 03, 2009

Surviving the Rainy Days

Spring has finally arrived to our small corner of the earth where we are sojourning, awaking the call to the Kingdom. I am choosing to ignore the weather forecast that states "periods of snow" for Wednesday.....Rather I would like to focus for a moment on the drips of rain flowing down the window pane.

I welcome and get a little thrill at these first days of rain in the Spring. They hold such promise, a sweet reminder that as sure as the rebirth of Spring follows the death of Winter, sure also is His promise that the resurrection will indeed follow death.

But I know my flesh, "we go way back", I know after a couple days of wetness I will be itching for sun shine. Ignoring the fact that all this rain is bringing up the bulbs and perennials. Hence the title of this post....survival! One always needs a plan. here are some things that help us on rainy days.

After breakfast we also roll up our sleeves and bake something, anything. Today it is bread....I've been procrastinating and we've gone 3 days without bread, but that is another topic! The aroma of baking yummies always brightened our mood! The latest fav is blueberry scones, we made up this recipe on Tuesday for Moms N Tots:

Blueberry Scones

1) Wisk together 3 C all purpose flour, 3 heaped tsp baking powder, 2 Tbs white sugar & 1 Tbs brown sugar, pinch of salt

2) Rub in 1/2C butter or marg

3) Make a well and put 2 eggs & 1/4C milk in the well, whisk (do not stir into dry mix yet) pour a heaped 1/2C frozen blueberries into the well. Stir all together.

4) Bake at 350F for about 20 minutes.


Nope, sorry no pics, we ate them all! Then while the oven is on sit down and read a Psalm, any Psalm. Also on rainy day s we don't make tea in the cups as usual but get out a fun tea pot and tea cups, seems much cozier to drink tea out of a pot on a drip drop day!

Now if you have kids, I would recommend ignoring the house and having a good ole fashioned game of hide N seek and get out the messy crafts, the ones where they will end up needing a bath! To help with the clean up I would suggest covering the dining room table with a picnic table me it helps a lot!

Oh and don't forget music, lots of music. Right now we have "Mr. Henry's Wild and Wacky but Totally True Bible Stories" on Faith playing as I type and the Goons set up the farm in the playroom. We will probably listen to Vivaldi & Continue in the Faith CD as well today.

Another great way to get through the dreary days is to curl up all together in a fort made of blankets and read stories! Such fun!

Well I've got to get the bread out and make that pot of tea. Hmmmm I think we will use our sheep cups today! Enjoy the rain!

"Thou, O God, didst send a plentiful rain, whereby
thou didst confirm thine inheritance, when it was weary." Psalm 68:9

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