Monday, April 06, 2009


So we thought that we escaped the dreaded chicken pox. Now in the next month we have a family coming for a week that we only see once a year. The speaker for the Family Study Day staying here, which we a thrilled about and a wedding!

Yep, and we are awaiting spots. Yuck. Talk about terrible, the worst possible timing! I think our angel is laughing at me. I don't mean that in any disrespect at all! I was sitting in the living room Friday sorting it all out in my brain how I was going to get already for them coming, how I was going to cook all these wonderful foods to tempt guests to linger over coffee, how I was going to open our home to so many and help the ecclesia over then next month.

I think the spots were sent to humble me and get rid of the "I"ities that was plaguing me.

We have a habit of "taking tea" every day, do you?

Just to share here is Magoo helping to feed Sprout her rice the other day. We are so blessed with our children, they love helping especially when it involves caring for Sprout!

Dinner tonight:

Yep, it is snowing and is not forecast to stop until Wednesday. Our veggie patch and apple trees look so desolate out there!

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Mother By the River said...

It is difficult taking "I" out of our thoughts. Love seeing the little insights in your family. I find it so inspirational!