Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Working Wednesday's
Bride-Groom Menu
What a busy and wonderful week we are having here in the place of our sojourn! A dear sister and friend is getting married on Saturday (God willing) and the Groom & some of his party are staying at our home, 4 km away from the Bride's home. We feel very honoured to have a small part to play in this most special of weddings.
It is wonderful and uplifting to see two people that are dedicated to the Truth coming together as husband and wife! Indeed it is an enacted parable!
So instead of the usual weekly menu plan, and banter, I thought we'd post some tips on easy entertaining.
About a week before we have company I check and re-stock:
1) Toilet paper
2) Tissues
3) Frozen juice (lemonade for this hot weekend!)
4) Disinfecting cleaning wipes
5) Clean out the then you feel okay about everyone helping themselves and seeing the inside of the fridge!
3 days before (or in this case the day before!) we clean the:
1) Kitchen & bathroom floors
2) Stock the bathroom cabinets with clean and "good" towels, face clothes, etc.
3) Freshen and weed the garden beds
4) Cut the lawn (don't want to have to do that while company is here)
5) Wash the bed linens....also good to see if you are short and find a friend to borrow some from!
6) Check your snack cupboard and re-stock if necessary (always plan on more then you need)
7) Grocery shop!
The Day of arrival (or night before if they are arriving the next morning):
1) Clean the bathrooms (a real good proper scrub so that you can then keep up while they are here with the cleaning wipes)
2) Air out the linens on the clothes line/dryer
3) Make the beds
4) Vacuum the rooms
5) Sweep the floors
6) Place mini toiletries in a basket in the the children a do not touch info session!
7) Place some flowers around the house
8) De-clutter the kitchen cabinets.....after all everyone ends up in there don't they!
And for those interested, deciding to sewing match dresses the week before company arrives is
NOT Mum (D's mother) found cute dresses at a shop in town for $16 (a steal) and they are perfect....I owe her some yummy scones for that!
Here is our menu for the wedding weekend, which begins Friday morning.
Friday Breakfast:
Morning Glory Muffins
Homemade Plum & Homemade Berry Jam
Fruit salad (peaches, raspberries, apples, banana)
Friday Lunch:
Garden Salad
Baked Sandwiches
Friday Dinner: worries!
Burgers & salad for those staying at home
Saturday Brunch:
Real maple syrup
Cheese/meat & cracker tray served around 11 pm (1&1/2hr before wedding)
Fruit tray (strawberries, apples, oranges)
Sunday Breakfast:
Egg Strata
Homemade Cinnamon buns
Sunday Lunch:
BBQ Chicken
Garden Salad
Potato Salad
Deviled eggs
BBQ zucchini/red pepper/onion mix
Strawberry shortcake or Homemade ice cream cake for dessert
Lemon Potato flour cake for gluten free peoples
We are very excited about this weekend, so off I run to keep getting ready!

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Tracy said...

WOW are you organized! I could take a lesson from all of this, being the bride's mother. We always host out of town guests when they come to visit, but I told my husband, Not this time."

I'm doing all of the food for the wedding, and I don't think I could play hostess at home as well.

Have fun! I'm sure you are a huge blessing to the wedding party!