Thursday, May 28, 2009

Working Wednesdays
Making the Day of Rest a Reality!

Well the week is half over and that means only a few more days until our Day of Rest begins. I don't know about you but when I was a young wife and mother I actually dreaded Sundays.

Yep you read that right, I dreaded it!

Sundays meant racing around like a headless chicken trying to get everyone dressed, packed and out the door in time to get to Sunday school.


Since we found out that we were preggy with Sprout we knew that changes had to be made. Especially in the organization department. Let's get real here, before Sprout we didn't really organize at all!

One of the most significant changes we've made (and continue to work on) is getting ready for Sundays before they arrive!

This means that by the time the Goons are in bed Saturday night:

Outfits are laying on each persons bed (inc. Mummy's)
ALL Bible bags are packed and in the car
Diaper bag is packed and in the car
Lunch is in the oven or crock pot (in the summer we stick to BBQ)

Now about those Bible bags, each kids has their own. We try to keep them to only Bible or Biblical history books, a colouring book with pencil crayons, a sticker books, some mini toy dolls for Princess. Each Saturday we go through the bags together and the Goons tell me what they do and do not want in their bags and then they can choose 4 new books to put in for the week. This means that the bags are ready to go for Lecture and Bible Class during the week as well.

Sprout also has a see through plastic container from the $ store that we fill with toys for Sunday school. These get changed every week as well.

Now a big part of making that Day of Rest ACTUALLY RESTFUL is letting go of some pride issues. Make an easy lunch. Sometimes we have a roast (where everything goes in the oven), or sausage bake, or crock pot stew. In the summer we usually have a BBQ meat and veggies.

This also should be done the day before. Make the salad/veggie tray/cut up everything that can be and do ALL the prep work on Saturday. After all you and the whole family are staving by the time you return from Memorial at 1:30 or 2pm. In the summer we usually make a potatoe salad or a pasta salad to go with the BBQ meat.

D & I also tidy up the house. He sweeps and the kids do all the toys and I do the rest. This way we feel able to invite over others and not worry about the state of the house. No it is NOT perfect, just tidy and clean.

Well I hope that this helps a bit, and that you and your family can start to experience a restful Sunday instead of chaos!
Hugs to All

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Mother By the River said...

Thank you for some of the helpful ideas!
I also try to have my sons outfit picked out and ready, and his bag packed on Saturday night.. but now think that I should do the same for myself too! Last weekend I was running all over the house trying to find a skirt I was hoping to wear and in the end had to completely change my outfit.. this left me frazzled, extremely grumpy and snappy.. not a very spiritual mindset at all! Thankfully it is an hours drive to memorial meeting and my loving husband had time to set me straight.