Monday, March 16, 2009

"I am my beloved‘s, and my beloved is mine" Song of Solomon 6:3
Hubby has returned from France! The past week was full of sleepovers at his parents, baking with the Goons, clearing of clutter (well in truth a beginning of such) study in Leviticus, sewing and basically business to keep my mind away from the tears that wanted to well up because I was without my beloved. The above is on a necklace that he got and gave to me in the old quarter of Jerusalem from Moshe's shop ( and I wore it everyday that he was away. we have been testing Magoo to see if he has outgrown his allergy to berries and he has! Even the strawberry family, so now we can buy berries and he loves having them on salad, cereal & oats! Needless to say it is a good job they have been on sale all this month! So the beginnings of a berry patch are in the plans for this spring.

One of the very neglected areas in our home has been the arts & crafts section. Our olive plants love being creative and Mummy loves seeing them use their imagination. The problem was that it was such a jumbled mess that I despised trying to find the desired items amongst all the mess! It also took up the entire bottom half of the dining room hutch....problem! so we emptied the puzzle and toy drawers, put them in their new homes in the playroom. Bagged up the puzzles that were missing the odd piece for charity, and Viola a new home for crafts

The play dough and colouring books & some puzzles are still under the hutch, but now only take up half of the space! Hurray! The drawers are split into
1) Markers, crayons, etc.
2) Glitter (every mother's nightmare!), stickers, pipe cleaners, kiddie scissors
3) Paint, glue, basically stuff that needs more supervision
4) Craft supplies (paper plates, fake grass, fabric, felt, letter foams, foam stickers, etc.)
This has made craft time a lot more enjoyable and fun for the Goons and Mummy!
I have a couple more posts in mind. How we show respect and honour to our Husbands in how we greet them when they come home. Also some more toys that can be slightly altered to be Biblical toys! you won't believe what we found this weekend!
If you care which comes first let me know, otherwise we'll see which appears first! For those in Canada, enjoy your March Break!


Vicki said...

Hey Mama..

Naomi said...

Hi Lindsay, good job on the spring cleaning and glad hubby is home safely!