Friday, March 06, 2009

Doing the Happy Dance

Yep, finally I've reached the 5 lb mark, yahoo! 10lb to go. So after a 4 day break from Pilates (I was exhausted, the kids needed some serious play time the one day, getting ready for Hubby's next trip) I started again yesterday. Ouch! What had become pretty easy and bordering on boring, is not! I feel back to square one, but not quite. The weird thing is that my clothes don't feel any different on me yet....hmmmm.....thinking that is not the best of signs.

Oh, and before I go it is 15C, cloudy, but so warm! So our day is filled with spring jobs.
1) Wash all 12 screens and put them in the windows (I detest looking through mesh in the winter time)
2) Take off the snow-flake stickies from the windows and wash the windows inside (rain is threatening so not doing the outside today)
3) Find (this may take all day, they are in the basement....somewhere!!!!) and wash the spring jackets and wellies
4) Air out the house
5) Make the Spring clean out list by room....I think I will start with the study as usual, it is terrible!
6) Get ready for SS entertainment pizza party (I will take a salad) and get costumes for our class ready and packed.
7) Tea party with the Goons

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