Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What a busy week so far! Finally one of those many, numerous jobs is done. Here is the finished pocket bag. I'm very pleased with it. Now we only have 2 more to sew to use as gifts for the holidays! I had no idea until it was done that it is fully reversible with pockets on the outside and in, such a practical bag!

This weekend Sprout decided to take her first determined efforts to crawl, and she did it! I'm excited yet dreading all the baby-proofing that now needs to be done. So as I procrastinate and type away the living room is chaos as we are having to reorganize it around the plugs and

Oh and I looked over on Sunday after meeting and asked hubby "did you sit her up" "no didnt you?" so we have no clue how she is doing it but she can get herself up into the sitting position all by herself. OIY this at only 6 mths...
Hubby was wonderful and has been digging up our carrot crop, one basket down....many more to go!

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Tracy said...

CUTE bag! and cute Sprout, too!