Monday, November 03, 2008

Monday's Meal Plan

Monday: Roast Chicken, Mashed potatoes (l), roasted pumpkin (h), peas
Tuesday: Veggies Stew (h) & Fresh Bread
Wednesday: Spagetti, Tomatoe Sauce using our frozen tomatoes (h), zuchinni (h)& shredded carrots (h)
Thursday: Roast Beef, raosted potatoes (l), carrots (h), beans (h) (switch to Friday if Jenna arrives Friday)
Friday: Fahitas
Saturday: Veggie Stew (h) & Pull-apart Herb rolls
Sunday: Ham, Scalloped potatoes (l), peas, apple pie

(l=local farm produce from within 20 km, h=our ouw harvest from our small veggie garden)

The painting is done in the if only I could find the camera I could show it to you all!

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Michelle said...

I posted a blog on how to make soap! Hope that helps.