Thursday, November 13, 2008

Reality Check!

Tuesday I get this call "Mrs. __________, we have in our records that your furnace needs to be inspected. We will be in the area tomorrow and have some spaces still avalible...blah blah blah"

Now normally any kind of call like this I put off for the Husband to deal with, but he has had so much on his mind with work going insane and the regular issues that a serving brother in the ecclesia must care for and family chaos, that I decided to handle this myself. I'm a big girl afterall and all it is is a furnace inspection, and they said they were a division of the company that services out hot water tank.

So yesterday at 9:45 (15 min early) the doorbell rings and this guy is standing there, and before I can even look at his name tag the Baby starts her "I'm breaking 3 more teeth scream" and so I invite him in and explain where the furnace is. He is down for maybe 10 minutes and then needs me to show him a cold air return (first signal) so I show him the one in the dining room and then he needs to see one upstairs....the only one upstairs is in the master bedroom. I take him upstairs and he just sorta peeks in...hmmmm.....any ways so we are talking the the kitchen and he writes up a "report" for me. Finally I get a minute to look at his name tag and all it is, is his name and the name of the company typed on a piece of white paper laminated, no logo, regular font, looks completely fake. The "report" is a photocopied sheet of paper that has the address and company name and # on the top..... looks very UNprofessional....and they had told me they were a division of the gas company.....

so yeah, I had to get him OUT OF THE HOUSE RIGHT NOW! so Baby screamed again and i told him he had to go. I would "think about it". He said that if I take the opening for today for 8:30 am then it would be half price, blah blah blah.

So I'm freaking out. In our area there have been a lot of theft, produce from the farms, tobacco from the drying sheds, a tractor, and we've been warned that they think they are working in gangs and are armed....

Yeah I freaked.

So I went to my dear MIL for dinner and they had the speaker for Bible class over as well and he took the time to research the company on the web. We did a reverse phone number look up....not a buisness number. There is a buisness at the address but it is a Christmas Decorating store! and the cell number the guy gave is from Toronto.

So today I need to get the kids watched and get myself down to the local police station and report this fraud.

Needless to say I didn't sleep at all all night as I was worried that our house had been cased for a robbery....if it was he was disappointed as we have nothing of real $ value. Even our computer is about 5 yrs old.

Lesson learn't! Always take the time before letting some guy into your house to check everything out, even if the baby is screaming her preety little lungs out.


Danielle said...

Scary!!! Thanks for the reminder. Don't you hate learning lessons the hard way!

Apes said...

wow, that's quite glad you're all ok! It's comforting to know that God is always there with you.
Love and Hugs to you all! xoxo

April said...

Sorry Lindsay...that last comment is from April. I had my name as Apes because that's my nickname, but I figured you probably wouldn't know who that is. Oops!

Tracy said...

Oh, I hadn't been visiting in a while. What a very frightening thing to happen! I'm thankful that he did you no harm right at the time!