Friday, August 29, 2008

Hello again to the 2 of you who sometimes stop by!

First off Jenna do come for a visit you are desparetly missed...and have no fears a certain someone is now in Mississauga.

As you may know by past posts Hubby was able to take 7 weeks of paternity leave! but


you do not get paid during that time. The goverment puts you on some sort of E.I. and lets just say that when all was said and done and it came in it was equivaent to what Hubby would make in a week and a half.


we knew this was the case but it was hard to swallow! So I am busy organizing a garage sale to earn some $$$ well hoping for $$ at least.

Today the great organizing begins!


Tilly said...

I know how you feel about the paternity leave. Here in the UK the government will give you some money but its nothing like the amount you lose by not being at work. It just shows what little value is placed on family life. I hope you dont find it too hard now that your husband is back at work.

Jenna in VT said...

WOW! What a nice surprise to see this post - I was hoping I wasn't overwhelming you with all of my mail and comments. ;)

So... I will take this as an open invitation and let you know when I can come! :)

So sorry to hear about the awful situation with the (lack of) paternity leave pay! When I was unpacking some stuff I was thinking "Do I really need all of this??", so maybe I'll donate some items to your garage sale! Hope it's a success if you really do have things you can part with! (I don't remember you having all that much extra, unless you're hiding things in your basement.) Take that as a compliment! You aren't a "clutter" person. :)

Thank you for the note via Blogger... as you can see, I do check in.

P.S. Do you want some apples??? We discovered apple tree upon apple tree yesterday! Must have been an orchard here at one time!!

glorv1 said...

Just ran across your blog and its a nice read. Hope you made load of cash in that yard sale. Take care.