Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Wow, it seems like yesterday I was holding a wee one in my hands and now he is grown up and off to school today. Poor Missy was lost without Magoo to follow after, and Mummy missed him too!
Tired Mummy is off to bed so here are some pictures instead:


Tracy said...

Cute school pics! BTW, I did publish any comments that you've left me. I haven't had to reject a comment in over a year. Sorry if one got lost!

Sunny said...

'Just passin thru'
Lovely pics...at the moment I can't download pics as I now do @ the library and is more difficult...
My E/mail is now butter2puffs@yahoo.com
But hope you can view my blog....
Every Blessing
Shalom in the mighty name of Yeshua

Jenna said...

It must feel strange to be bringing Magoo to school already! It'll just be the ladies at home a couple days a week now. Will you make one of those days a baking day? :)

I love the photo of Magoo and N. He sure adores his cousin, doesn't he?

I hope the first week of school went well! Thanks for sharing the photos. :)