Thursday, August 21, 2008

You know when you have all these great plans.....

Yeah, so, yesterday I desided that I would have
-the Goons (all 3 of them) bathed and clothed ready to go to Lecture
-me looking stunning in a nice outfit for such
-dinner of BBQ chicken and veggie from our garden cooked
-set the table all nice and welcoming
-clean up from the kid chaos so that down stairs looks like adults actually live here

all before Hubby came home.

So I'm slogging away at folding and putting away Mt. WASHington and realize it it 5:45 and Hubby hasn't called so I phone him to see if he is on his way home to time dinner....Goons are thrown in to the bath (opps, I mean gently placed..) I frantically put Sprout into a cute lil dress. No answer so I asssume Hubby is out of range only to hear "I'm home"


Dinner isn't even started, let alone is the table set. Wife looks like, well um, not stunning.

So in the end Hubby finished washing the Goons while I cooked, we ate dinner and then i tore around trying to find the skirt I was going to wear (still not back to pre-preggy size yet) and decided to wear a nice hat....

hat is rather wild and so was wishing I had a different headcovering...oh well.

lesson learned.

We laughed while doing up carseats at my unrealistic goals.
Maybe next time I can actually have dinner on the table!

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Not So Glamerous Housewife said...

I love it when a plan comes together...or at least you can laugh about it later. I prefer to wear a tiara to a hat....when nobody is really watching. J/K.