Monday, August 25, 2008

To Teeth or Not to Teeth...

For some unknown reason our wee olive plants seem to get their teeth young. Magoo had his first at 3 months, Missy around 5 mths and now Sprout is teething. For Magoo "Bongela" which Dad would bring back from his trips to the UK did wonders. Missy too found relief. Sprout none!
I am reminded of Hebrews 10:36 "For ye have need of patience" so true! The last five or so days has been spent frantically trying to get the bare minimum done during her naps and happy spells. I would LOVE some advice!

Still we had a lovely weekend together. Simple summer meals of salad sandwiches and grilled veggies. We are blessed to have a famer's stand (called "The Stand"...what else!) within walking distance and so whatever we cannot grow ourselves we are sure to find there. They have a policy that nothing will come from further then 30 kms and hang signs so that you know the farm each veggie or fruit is from and the distance travelled. The lady who runs it is simply delightful and always gives the children a sucker when we leave. I really must write a piece on the joys of living in a small farm village but that will have to wait for another day.

The flowers in our garden are coming to a close, but we are determined to enjoy the few that remain. The black eyed susans, obedience plant, salvia, hosta flowers, roses and snap dragons are still going strong. It is simply delightful to be able to bring some of God's creation into our homes to cheer it up and bring the outdoors in! Wouldn't you agree?

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emmani said...

Just a little advice for teething... my daughter has worn an amber teething necklace since she was a few months old, it seems to work, she's 19 months now!

You can get them on ebay, quite cheap.

They look beautiful too!