Friday, April 19, 2013

Yesterday was a wonderfully blah day :-)

We grocery shopped, went for a walk, clean the apartment and got ready for Grandpa B & Grandma C to visit from Austria for the weekend.

Today I was So SO ever so glad that I had some extra adult hands to keep track of the children! We had our usual homeschooling morning and then they came here for lunch. Which we only just got in on time, Sausage decided to have a morning nap - something she hasn't done in ages - so we had just under 20 minutes to get out (as in, 5 pairs of shoes on, 5 jackets on, baby put in stroller, wait for elevator, go down elevator, pass through 2 sets of button opening locked door ways) and to the bakery and back again. We made it with a couple minutes to spare!

Afterwards we headed out to the Metro to go to Iena for our climb up the Eiffel Tower! By now we are very comfortable with the metro and the kids are great on it. Well except Monkey was in a very hyper mood so those extra hands to watch out for her were much needed. We were nearly under the Tower when it started to rain, so we ducked under the awning of a closed cafe and waited out the storm, and we were so glad of the shelter since it down poured for a good solid 15 minutes.

The good thing was that when it stopped the line up was half gone! So we left the stroller with Grandma C and up the rest of us climbed, with Sausage in her front pouch as well. 347 steps latter we reached the 1st floor and walked around enjoying the view and everyone taking photos. And just an fyi - there is a free clean bathroom on that level :-)

Magoo wanted to go up to the next level, but I really wasn't up for it and neither was anyone else so he was good about it and we all went down. Helper slipped on the final spiral case down but Grandpa was there to catch her so she was alright - shaken but not hurt.

I made the huge mistake of looking down and had to close my eyes for a while but once we were back on the ground my legs stopped shaking, well a few minutes afterwards!

We gave the other Carousel a try this time and then it was back onto the Metro to make our way home. Even though it was earlier, 4:30pm, rush hour had started so I was so glad I wasn't on my own with the four again.

We parted ways at the grocery store so that the children could have a rest. Though I don't think they got the memo! It ended up being a book reading, knitting, bath time, clean up time.

Spaghetti with salad and garlic bread made for a simple yet very filling meal and we used the last of the rice pasta for the children tonight. Yummy desert, coffees, Bible readings and the children are again tucked into their beds.

We've been dealing with some homesickness the last wee bit so the "quiet" time was also used to call some family back in Canada which cheered everyone up a lot! Even Mummy! Monday we will start organizing all this stuff to transport it back to our place of sojourn. Other then some sewing for the girls we have used just about everything that we brought so I was thinking it may be good to post what we brought that was really useful with kids for travelling.

Well it is off to bed. Tomorrow will be another adventure filled day!

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