Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yesterday was fun, we headed out for the Museum of Natural history. We managed the Metro fine and all that. Followed the map and started noticing that there were not that many people out and about. Fine, we figured, all the more for us - school must be back after Easter break :-) and so we marched through le Jardin des Plantes and up towards the museum, and noticed something a wee bit concerning. The lights were off. Opps. Right-o I guess that I should have double checked that it wasn't one of the museums that close on a tuesday. What made it slightly funny is that I had texted Hubby while we were on the way to say that I was hoping it was open because I hadn't checked it all out.

But it all worked out. A security guard pointed out that even though the website says that the zoo (opened during the French Revolution!!!) was closed for a year as they made changes to actual fact IT was open. So rip off prices aside, we chopped off an arm and a leg and paid the entrance fees and spent a very enjoyable day making friends with baboons, gazelles, camels, jaguars and the such like.

On our way back to the Metro we sat under a large tree that after getting home and looking in the guide book discovered it was the Cedar of Lebanon tree that we had been looking for, did the labyrinth in the garden and informed the children that Mummy was simply too worn out to try to find the arena from the Roman time period of the city Lucetia. So we headed through the gate and towards le Metro and voila, was that a sign for a street called Les Arenas (I don't know why it is plural but it is), so after checking the guide book we headed down the winding street and found a lovely playground and steps that went up to, lo and behold the Roman Arena! Magoo was thrilled to say the least.

Today we headed off to Ile de la cite to make a very important purchase. Helper has been inspecting all the music boxes around town and decided that she wanted one from there because it would save her 2 Euros and would remind her of the Marche des Fleurs (since it is in the flower market). So we did that as she chose one that plays Claire de la lune. Then we headed into Notre Dame and after instructing the kids on silence and that I would explain and answer everything AFTER we were out (really didn't want to be dealing with "wicked catholic church" comments IN the actual thing as security was tight - and those who understand our beliefs will understand that comment) and so the kids really got an educational experience as they were having Mass - watched for about 2 minutes and then had some really good chats out in the garden behind it while we had our snack. We were still hungry so we got 2 Crouque Monsiuer to share (hotdog in a baguette with cheese melted on top) and sat on the steps of Hotel Dieu to finish off our lunch. Walking back was very hot so we were glad we were in summer clothing. Thankfully we remembered that we had to pre-purchase our tickets for the Louvre and so since Sausage was asleep we headed inside. After waiting in line for the terminals and discovering they only sold today's tickets and then waiting in line at the ticket office to only find out the same. We went to the information booth where the lady didn't speak english! But we managed alright and headed down into the maze of shops under ground there to find the shop that sold them (a tobacco shop - does that make sense to anyone!?). Found and bought, we headed up and out for the Tulleries for the playground. Now you know it was really to hot when the children decided that it was simply too hot so we headed home with a stop at the grocery store for ice cream.

Homeschooling, ice cream and relaxing on the patio finished up our day :-) Tomorrow we are going to be getting ready for Grandpa B & Grandma C to arrive and see what we have time for afterwards, either the Palais Royal or the Jewish history museum.

Until next time

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