Thursday, April 04, 2013

Well this post comes to you from the bathroom floor!

The reality is that Sausage has been having tummy troubles since Friday morning. We have gone through more diapers then I can keep track of and are down to our last 2 wet wipes. We had a medical issue 24 hrs before we left that required us all to take a strong pill to kill it as a precaution and then again 2 weeks latter. Well that was Thursday at dinner and since then she has had such a messed up plumbing system. But I thought it would be out of her by now, so who knows it could be teeth, it could be the change in diet (though that has been minimal) so who knows. Maybe she just wants to make sure that the trip abroad is memorable for every possible reason ;-)

So we have been sticking a bit closer to home. Tuesday we headed out to go to the underground archaeological site of the Roman city of Paris on Ile de la Cite, right in front of Notre Dame. Now usually this would take about 13 min total, including walking to and from the Metro stops. But (you KNEW there had to be a but didn't you!) they have started to redo a major metro stop called Straspol and all the metro stops that we have nearby go through there for transfers. So the best the ratp site could recommend was to walk 10 min in the wrong direction, to go one stop, and then to walk 22 minutes after that. Um No.

So after chatting with the kidlets we walked the half hour there and back. It was lovely and sunny and a warm 8C when we left and enjoyed our walk. We have noticed a heavy army and police presence since the weekend at all the major sites. Probably to do with the Al Quida bomb threat at the Eiffel Tower on the night we were planning on taking the kids to see the lights (Friday) - yup our angel kept us from that as well. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself that the kids were to tired to do that and then we had a call from Mum & Dad B asking if we were okay because it had been breaking news that they were evacuating it. Providence - seriously.

Anyways, so the traffic was non existent for half the small island because of the new security measures so we enjoyed the walk and found the site very easily. I don't know how we didn't notice it before. The kids all enjoyed it, even Sausage as they could walk around and pear through the glass at the ruins. They had many of the 3D holographic videos playing so that you knew what everything looked like and it was very well done. Certainly worth the 5Euros! By the time we emerged from beneath the ground it was a lot colder out. The sun had disappeared and the wind picked up. So we headed behind Notre Dame to have a picnic snack of cheese, nuts & juice. It saves so much money to plan ahead and bring snacks! I do also wish I had packed the travel mug I had planned on bringing as the cappuchinos are so expensive. The children enjoyed playing in a mini playground and twirling around like crazies on this disk thing. I took pics with my phone but can't get them up on here but they are on our facebook.

Then we headed home, there was a band setting up to play but not until 4m and we were all very cold. Half way home we decided that we had, simply HAD to warm up so we headed to the McCafe for macaroons & cafe and the warmth. Then we headed home via the grocery store for dinner provisions.

All in all a good day. Today we are at home, packing up for the UK and packing up the rest of it for storing at a work college of Hubby's.

well, the girls need out of the bath so off I run.

Next time we will probably be writing from across the Channel :-)

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