Friday, January 20, 2012


Blissful, white , pure snow!

Finally we have our winter snow. True its only a few inches but enough for the monkeys to play in. Yesterday school closed for the afternoon and i was secretly pleased. It is such fun to all curl up together and enjoy the snow day TOGETHER!

Snow people, snow forts, snow tag, snow paths, snow shovelling. It all was happening here yesterday and today will probably prove to be a repeat performance.

Hot coco. This milk free mother was really struggling with all the delicious hot coco flowing around here yesterday, so we played with Cocoa, sugar & almond milk and volia:

3 tsp Cocoa
3 tsp white sugar
1/4C almond milk
fill the rest of the large mug with boiling water

It is as thin as water but ever so yummy!

Magoo needs help with Bible marking. Princess needs help spelling & Monkey is "playing the piano" so I must run.

Until next time!

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