Monday, January 16, 2012


is now my favourite word. Another sister commented before our fourth was born that you just had to keep doing everything that you can see needs doing when you have four. I've discovered that this is so very true! It is simply impossible to get too far ahead or to get to much ready ahead of time.

But, it is a mindset that I am so glad she pointed out to me. It has made life a lot easier and our days running smoother.

It sounds and seems so simple. Picking up the extra clothes and taking 10 or so minutes to fold and pop them into their drawers. Keeping the kitchen counters clear and wiped. Loading up the dishwasher with any dishes you find during the day. Switching over the laundry. Packing lunches the afternoon before. Crock Pot dinners.

The biggest help is actually so plain and boring. I wish I had done this more often before! Setting our breakfast the night before. Tonight there are bowls full of oats, raisins and even their spoons! So all they need to do is have Magoo pour in the milk and volia, breakfast! Empty plastic glasses wait to be filled with the water from a covered pitcher already on the table. This way I can be feeding Baby and not worry about the others getting fed as well.

Other breakfasts we've done & set out:

Muffins & piece of fruit (just put the fruit bowl on the table and they can help themselves)

Premade & frozen pancakes (to be heated by the kids in the toaster)

Fruit shakes (put out the bag of frozen fruit the night before beside the blender to thaw, add water & a couple bananas and after Mama blends it Magoo can pour it out)

Toast (set out everything, bread, peanut butter, jam, butter, honey, stack of plates & plastic knives BESIDE the toaster on the counter so everything is there for them - major time saver)

Yogurt & fruit salad (make and put in fridge fruit salad in a plastic bowl so that it isn't too heavy for one of the older 2 kids to carry from the fridge to the table)

Of course an equally important part is setting everything you can ahead of time on the table. Everything that the kids or you needs to get out in the morning adds time.

This has saved us so much stress and time in the morning. Instead of having to get up earlier to see to baby we can still stay in bed unit 7:30 and then get everyone going.....thankfully since none of us are morning people!

well, speaking of morning, its time for bed ! ! ! Till next time :-)

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Sonya Elizabeth said...

I'm loving your think-ahead attitude. I'm sure it makes for a not-so-crazy life with 4