Friday, January 13, 2012

Hello again

Oh dear, I though of something to write, but it's flown out of my mind at this second. Which probably has something to do with the fact that currently Magoo is attacking long division outloud, Monkey is "practising" piano and Princess is working on spelling while walking around on tipoes.

Enough said.

We finally have some snow. Not much, the grass is still peeping through, but enough that our winter village that is set up on the hutch no longer looks so hideously ridiculous.

Well, I haven't the foggiest about what I was going to write. Probably something important. Or amazingly brilliant. Or hilariously funny.....

Instead I'll bore you with the details of today. Banana-chocolate chip-peanut chunky waffles for breakfast. Oh wait, that ain't boring! That's delicious! we thought that snow = celebration so since we usually celebrate with food we did. The monkeys are trying to get back into the Friday home schooling routine and so far so good. Princess is nearly done and Magoo will be as soon as the martians land of Pluto!

Or he memorizes his multiplication tables.

Which ever comes first!

Poor boy!

The piano teacher should be arriving any minute and after lunch we have an adventure planned. Since the kids lost out of their holiday (flu twice & the "100 day cough") I'm aiming to do something extra fun every second Friday. Over and above the usual library visit. Of course I love the library and so do they but it's got a bit old hat.

They cannot figure out where we are going! They have guessed everything BUT the surprise. There is a huge pet store in the next big city where they even have sharks! Okay miniature ones but still, very cool. So we're going there to see all the crazy fish, birds & dogs and pick out some new ciclids. We need some more in our tank (a full tank is a happy tank) and I'm hoping they have some nice small ones because those are cheaper. AND if (huge big if) Baby is happy we will stop at Tim Hortons for a snack! Yahoo!

Our weekend is going to be packed. Study day tomorrow for the whole day, meeting & Sunday school on Sunday, and the next thing we know it'll be Monday morning again.

See you then :-)

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