Monday, November 15, 2010

I have this pet annoyance.

If someone says they are going to do something and don't show up. It bugs me, doesn't that bug you?

The painter never finished the house, so he's come back twice. Both times he said he'd be here at 9:30AM and both time he didn't show up until 2PM!

So today, he was supposed to be here, at yup, you guessed it...9:30AM and he never even bothered to show up!

After calling Hubby and getting my priorities all back on track, we had a good day. The problem today was really that I haven't had a chance to head to the library in almost 3 weeks! which for us is amazing because we usually go twice a week (Tuesdays & Fridays) and for those who know me in "real life" I am a book-a-holic! and love to read.

So instead we unpacked...yup still doing that! and organized our new craft cupboard. It is the corner cupboard in the kitchen with 2 lazy Susan's and is now full of unpacked craft & activities. The girls had tea, and the whites got washed and hung out to dry.

Tonight is a Bible School meeting at our house, so we must clean, and sister's class is here tomorrow we must clean the basement up for the children's class.

I'm trying what my Mom used to do. There was a huge roast on sale the other week, and instead of cutting it up (it's been frozen) I am roasting it all (covered in salt, pepper and garlic) and after having roast beef dinner tonight with mashed spuds and corn & peas (bizarre for midweek) I am going to cut it up into slices and chunks and store the precooked stuff for latter over the next week.

We'll see if that saves me any time in the long run.

Well that washing needs bringing in, a diaper needs changing and spelling list's need to be reviewed....oh and a 2 year old needs to be taught to obey. Oy

God Bless

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