Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Have you ever had one of those "Bad, no good, terrible" days?

One of those days where you seriously consider jumping into bed and hiding from reality under your covers?

Yesterday was one of those days. Little things seemed to add up, piling untop of each other, pushing other concerns out of the way and fight for my attention. Why is it that as women, emotional concerns effect us so much?

I'm positive that this is one of the many reasons that God, in His mercy, brought Hubby and I together. D has this amazing talent, that when I fall and collapse into little tiny fragile pieces. He can pick them up, and like putting a jigsaw puzzle back together, gently sort through the mess and push the fractured pieces back together again. Gluing and taping them with kind words, Biblical advice, nurturing hugs and volia! I am whole again.

Kids are great for that too.

So are Sisters.

But no one can help to quite the extent or in the same manner that a husband can.

A phone call to him, a dinner made for a Sister with a sick infant, an hour and a half spent at our favourite little library in our old town....and soup (always soup) with cheese scones for dinner and I felt better.

oh, and husband booked a weekend away for our upcoming tenth anniversary. Maybe that had a little bit to do with my coping....maybe a large bit!

So "today is a new day with no mistakes in it" (Anne of Green Gables). We slept in (the hydro went out yesterday, and the clocks were reset to the wrong pm - am time) whops! but everyone worked together and Magoo got to school on time and Husband to work on time (we ate banana bread in the car for breakfast...yum!). The girls and I set off for grocery shopping and to pick up fleece for one of the craft sessions at OWBS this year.

Grocery shopping was extra fun (we love that task anyways) because we are hosting a shower for a extremely special and dear to our hearts Sister & Babe. We are doing a honey theme (if you know the baby you know why....think about it) and found everything needed except for the honey comb, which I can pick up still from a local farm.

I had wanted to do an elaborate bee hive cake that I saw in a magazine....but I think cookies will do perfectly fine!

The girls are working on letters and sounds in the dining room, and I have ever so many more tasks to complete before we can sit down for story off I run.

Hugs to all you Mothers & Sisters out there.

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