Monday, June 14, 2010

Wedding Outfits

Oh my vanity! Oh my sweet vanity!

Husband told me that it was time that I spent some time and money and got a dress for the upcoming wedding of a very dear cousin, friend and sister in Christ. If only it was that simple!

The girls and I spent nearly six hours at the large mall in the next largest city. Nothing, NOTHING! either it was immodest on the top yet long, or it was nice and simple on the top and barely covered my hips! Oy only 2 weeks, actually less, and therefore no way is there time to sew a dress.

So instead I'll phone around and see if I can borrow a skirt from another sister. Or dig through the closet and try to find a skirt without a stain on it.

The imporant part is that the flowers are all ordered, and the pins and only floral tape needs to be picked up.

Now if only the G20 traffic would let us even GET tot he wedding.

Oh well, time to put these silly and pathetic cares away and focus on my blessings.

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