Monday, May 24, 2010

What a wonderful weekend we've been blessed with!

Monkey has discovered bunnies living in our front gardens and watches them each and every evening. It is adorable to watch her running back and forth to the window and back again to Daddy to relate in full action what the Bunnies are up too.

I think perhaps we are finally starting to understand that we need to fit and make room for the children in every aspect of our lives. Today was a "sit in the car and look at brick" day, well for the afternoon anyways. So we stopped in at DQ part way through the list and got everyone some ice cream to keep going.

I've been struggling with getting frustrated with monkey during Meeting time. Especially the Memorial service. The selfish part of me is yelling "this should be my time" but the mother in me is reminding me that no, this is God's time and in His wisdom He has granted us this child to mold and give back to Him in service. Really when I look at it I do still get the exhortation, just might not be able to turn up every passage referred to. This too shall pass and the last thing I want is her to think that Mummy doesn't like being there. Because it is the most wonderful place to be.

The house is coming along. The roof is partway covered in press board and all the walls are up now. Watching the Goons run up and down the gravel lane way, chase birds (this one type the runs everywhere that we call Toronto Birds as they resemble the people that we've seen on the streets there), and exclaim over where they would like to place different furniture items struck me with such a powerful feeling of awe at the opportunity that God has blessed us with this piece of land. I know it is only 2 acres but for us that is huge. Apple trees, pear trees and a chicken coop are on the list. Most of all it will be so nice to get out of a "keeping up with the Jones'" neighbourhood and be able to live somewhere where if all you want to plant is veggies is fine, or if the grass is long that is okay too!

We are nearly packed up. Oh how thankful we are for the many loving hands that are helping us. Older couples in the Truth, Sisters with nursing babes, Families with carloads of children. The blessing hasn't just been in the actual physical labour but the gift of fellowship and love found only in the bonds of the Truth.

Magoo has been struggling a bit with his ashma, mainly because of the high heat (30C today) and humidity. But the silver lining in this cloud is that he has been home since Wednesday and we have enjoyed an extra long weekend. Now that the weather has stabilized he should be fine, it just seems his body takes a while to re-calculate to the heat of summer.

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