Monday, May 17, 2010

To Blog or not to Blog, this is the question!

Basically now that blogger doesn't let you type in another program and then cut and paste into blogger I'm finding it frustratingly annoying to try to blog. Because you have to finish it all at once, not such a great way to blog for a busy mom!

So as I am the ultimate at procrastination here I am when in fact I should be packing as we move in um, 12 days. Yup, and don't even think of asking how much is packed.

Okay, I'll tell you, 7 boxes.

Oh my, has only a month passed. Opps! So much is happening around here that life is even busier then it's normal fast paced hecticness. Thankfully we have a verse posted (in our bathroom) that keeps reminding me to "Stand Still and Wait upon the LORD"

Last weekend it was "Mother's Day" yet another invented celebration of selfishness. I made the mistake of tuning into CBC (Why when they are so anti-Israel and anti-God...I just don't know) while Magoo was in piano lesson and they had a phone in for mothers about "Mother's Day"


I cannot believe that these women are mothers! The common thread of ALL the calls was that they wanted a day ALONE, either at a spa, in their bedrooms with a good book, or shopping with friends. NONE of them wanted to be with their children on "Mother's Day"


Yeah it got me a wee bit mad. Finally someone phoned in that told them all how selfish they were and that it is a day not about the elaborate gift but hand drawn cards.

Since being blessed with wee olive plants I have found "Mother's Day" a wonderful time of reflection on the passed year and the places where I have fallen short as a Mother and to re-dedicate my life to grafting these wild olives into the Israelitish olive tree. After all they are not truly our children, but God's children. I sipped my coffee in bed with a grin (as Magoo had asked to be woken up to "make" and deliver it to Mummy in bed) and eat my cinnamon roll with glee...and tried REALLY hard not to look at the clock as we had to get to Sunday School on time. A luncheon for my mother and time spent curled up with books with our children was all so precious. The fact that they each choose out a new knitted dish cloth for me told me that the children pay attention to detail and the fact that Mummy can;t knit them anymore because of the ache in my hands.

Those dish clothes mean more to me then a diamond bracelet (that the other moms wanted).

On the house scene they are finishing the walls and putting on the roof (hopefully) this week. We had a picnic dinner there yesterday before Bible class while Magoo and Daddy put in our new mail box.

Well it is time to feed the monkeys lunch so off we go. Perhaps I'll get another procrastination time out on here again this week.

Until then, please remember that being a Mother is not about us but about the children that God has graciously given his servants!

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