Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another Day, another cavity

Well for Magoo anyways. Our kids are those bizarre children that LOVE to go to the dentist, I mean what's not to love about a place where you get to wear heart shaped or race car sunglasses, watch an animal movie while your teeth get checked and then play on an indoor play fort while waiting for your sibling??? Pity they don't do that for adults!

Finally (in a long time) today has been one of those days where everything seems to go as planned. Correction....as closely related to planned as it can possibly come with 3 Goons 7 and under. We were even 30 minutes EARLY for the dentist so enjoyed a lovely stroll through the quaint village where their offices are and picked up some loose pumpkin spice black tea and a chilled "mango cheesecake tea" (which was very yucky in case you were wondering) with the three of them in toe.

Magoo has gotten into the summer routine and Helper just follows his lead, so now it's all good. Monkey is in fact.....prepare for it......................SLEEPING~!!!!! A miracle has occurred!

This past weekend was spent watching a beloved sister in Christ, friend and cousin prepare for marriage. what a wonderful (though exhausting) weekend that was. Hubby even took Friday off to help with the driving as we had to drive into Toronto with G20 traffic and I don't do well with more then a dusty red ford pickup in front of me and a couple goats wandering across the road!

The house is coming along, for those who care, and they should be bricking soon. I'm thinking the green from our old house in the main and girls bedrooms, greyblue (brittany blue BM) in the main areas and a deep blue/grey in Magoo's room and the main bathroom...thoughts?

Well the laundry is calling, the kids are playing and I've devoured the 2 "Rocky Mountain" chocolate clusters that an amazing sister in Christ sent all the way from Alberta....Love You!

So back to life we go. When Monkey gets up we have our Bible study time to do. We are on the letter C in our Alpha-Bet Creation Scrapbooks.

God Bless!

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Naomi said...

Just wanted to say that your color ideas sound lovely and homey and... calming...we all need some more of that! ;)