Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wow, our week with Hubby home is nearly over ;-( Some highlights:

1) Very, very well done (black) latkes for the first night of Channukah
2) Hiding Hubby's gift and getting the Goons to keep it a secret
3) Drinking hot tea watching the snow fall
4) 4 snow storms in the space of 4 days! = 3 ft of snow and "snow dunes" in the back yard where the Goons could sled
5) Good visits with loved ones
6) Watching Hubby explain our readings in Zechariah to Magoo
7) Sprout sleeping again....(only up 3 times per night)
8) Sewing matching dresses for the girls
9) Having Magoo home for 3 weeks (one more to go)
10) Baked Apple Pie straight from the oven

and right now we are taking a quick break from organizing the whole house! yehaw! Pics to follow soon!

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