Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Finally we are back on here, we were infected with a nasty computer virus and so the computer sat powered down until my dear hubby could get it fixed, he is such a good man!

I been sitting waiting to blog about something that happened over the weekend.

I've read in the Bible and sat through many many classes on the fact that we must be separate and live our lives in a way that would please God. I got a lesson on Saturday!

The Goons and I were heading out to get some gifts for family. As an aside, before we left I told them who we were buying for and that we must not act like Achan (Joshua 7) and be greedy. Letting them help choose the gifts is a great was to get rid of the "gimme's"

We piled into the car (while Hubby was working on an article for The Bible Magazine) and after strapping in all 3 we pulled out onto the street and started driving along.

"Mommy, are we going to the place with the bad stores?" Magoo asked as we pulled onto the highway. Well in the back of my mind I was wondering what to do about going to the BIG mall in the large city about 45 minutes from us. See the last time we all went (about a year ago) there was larger then life disgusting ads.....basically naked people! all over the mall. "oh dear" I thought, what to do. Magoo has been blessed with a great memory, obviously from that coment, and notices EVERYTHING. So instead we went to the small local mall and managed to find the gifts (pjs, coffee maker, sugar free chocoate).

I used to make sure I was dressed nice and all for going out, I guess I wanted to fit in and look the part, now with 3 Goons to get out in one piece I'm just happy to be clean and tasteful. So it never crossed my mind that I looked different. All through the mall there was the usual short mini skirts with leggings (never understood that one), tight tight jeans, belly tops (why in winter????) and such. Nearly everyone was in black too....never noticed that before. Anyways we were getting a few looks, kind looks from the grandma type, weird "that lady is got to be kidding" from the hip crowd. I never thought of it until I got home and mentioned it to hubby.

"Ofcourse" was his reply "you are wearing a long denim skirt, modest top, have a baby in a pouch on you, the girls are in dresses, 2 kids holding hands and singing (mostly Bible songs) instead of fighting as you are walking through the mall...you are going to get looks!"

Never thought of that. I've always respected the Mennonites (we live near many of them) and Jews as they show by their dress that they are different and separate from the world around. I've wondered how come we don't. Now I realize that in simply dressing modestly and having children that are well behaved and happy shows that you are different.

"but according as He who did call you is holy, ye also, become holy in all behaviour," 1Peter 1:15 YLT


Michelle said...

Amen - I'm starting to grasp what the Bible meant by "come out from them and be ye separate." Since we live somewhat isolated from culture up here in the mountains, its always kind of a culture shock to go into town to run errands. Even more of a shock that we get stares...until I remember - Oh yeah, we live differently...

angela said...

I dont think you look weird. But then I probable look like you. I too like long denam skirts and not too revealing cloths. But then Im ove 40 and invisable to everyone so I can dress as I like and no one notices.
all those girls wearing not much at all.
They get all the limelight.