Friday, March 17, 2006

Spring Cleaning this week!

Why is it that I always choose the busiest week of the year (thus far) to do our Spring Cleaning. Monday was about 17 degrees, so the children and I spent the afternoon going on a walk and playing outside. The feeling of wet and squishy mud sticking inbetween our fingers and residing under our finger nails is blissful! It never fails to amaze me the amount of weeds that seem to grow up in the midst of the cold winter wind. We managed to fill a quarter of the wheelbarrow! This jump started our spring cleaning and we continued into the house hunting up all the dust that has hid ontop of the doors frames and in the vents.

Weeds, if we don't pull them up when thay are small and insignificant then they take over the garden and strangle the flowers or veggies that you want to grow there. Do I let the weeds in my life take over and fill my garden of life? Yes, I must admit that I frequently let the daily chores and the grind of life to fill my day and push out the blooms of the Word of God in our lives. Diapers, meals, diapers again, dishes, vacuming, bath time, laundry, more diapers, another load of laundry, the list is endless and one could fill every second of every minute of every day all week long with the daily chores of life.

Time to weed! Instead of a perfectly clean house (no I don't have one) let us take a few minutes every day to read a Psalm or listen to a tape while washing dishes and picking up the toys. I've been listening to bro. Roger Lewis' tapes on Samuel the Seer and they were excellent! Highly recommended! Next up: The House of Asaph.

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