Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Surviving Husband Business Trips

(also titled, surviving on a diet of cappuchinos and chocolate!)

Hubby usually has 2 or so long trips in the year over to the head office in France. While I would one day love to go, we try to make the most of our week solo and really enjoy the times with the kidlets. Back when we had 2 wee ones it was a lot more difficult then now with 4, the difference being that the older 3 are a lot of help with things around the house and when we go on outings. I used to have to goal of the week without Daddy being FUN but found that it ended up with him coming home to exhausted children and stressed out wife. Not the way to go! So now our goal for the week he is away is SIMPLIFICATION!

First off Meals.

When Hubby is away we eat very simply. Healthy, but simply. Even more simply then usual, which for those who know us in Reality we already eat pretty simply anyways. This means Peanut butter & homemade jam sandwiches on whole wheat bread with veggie sticks and dip. Healthy but simple. Its made healthy by using homemade freezer jam (almost no sugar), whole wheat bread, natural peanut butter. I will also splurge on precooked diced chicken which easily converts into wraps for dinner. Eggs is also an easy dinner! breakfast is usually the same as usual, cold oats with fruit or yogurt and fruit. Lunch is always sandwiches :-)


We will have 1 thing planned for each day. SIMPLE outings of things to do at home. Library visit. Grocery shopping. Watermelon cookies.  Painting. Splash Pad. See,.....simple fun. No major driving to Toronto to the zoo or science center like I used to.


While they are in school or on vacation when he is away I find extra sleep is essential. So instead of going to bed at 7:30-8 I aim to have them in bed by 7-7:30. That extra half hour to myself with baby is good on the nerves and I find that there is less arguing among themselves when they have loads of sleep :-) and then they also are rested for any extra fun that they get into with Mummy the nest day.


yep. Except that offer of help. Mum & Dad B will usually have the children and I over after meeting for lunch on the Sunday and over for dinner in the week. Popping over to a SIL for a few hours in a day can be a sanity saver and count as their fun item for the day. Tea, chocolate and chats for Mum go a long way.


nothing to add. Just a very important word.


Forget about it. Seriously. If you or the kidlets need laundry done then do it. But other then a quick wipe up of the kitchen after they are in bed and disinfecting the bathrooms, just leave it. Set aside the morning of his return to whip the house into shape with the kids helping (my I suggest fun music and a treat for lunch that day) and it'll all be good. Worst comes to worst he won't care what the house looks like when he comes home anyways, he will be thrilled to home with you and the kids and after that you can all get caught up :-)

So if you find yourself having to do the single Mum thing for a week. Don't stress, just plan ahead and you'll be fine.


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