Monday, March 19, 2012

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It was such a wodnerful week with all the Monkeys at home :-) On friday they each wrote a list of what they wanted to do over their week off school. Funnily enough it did not include: 7 & 8 multipication tables, spelling words or memorization!

It did include, visits to the library, lunch out, play time with a cousin, sleepovers with 2 friends, easy bake oven afternoon, outside crazy mud covered clothing play time, bike rides, story time, Oreo cookies...............

Well the sleepovers didn't happen. But we made up for it by letting all.........well not the baby..............the Monkeys sleep over in the girls room and they had a riot!

There was a very special morning when a very dear friend & sister in the Truth came over for tea and to say good-bye. Her & her husband are mocing to Alberta. There were tears and poor Helper was so upset because it had been one of her teachers this year. So we went to Wendy's for lunch that day (Helper's choice) and picked out Helper's new runners and Mummy got new everyday shoes as well :-)

we have been so blessed by the beautiful 20C weather the past week and it continues today, picnics outside are so much more fun then on the living room floor. Even though colds and allergies threaten we are planning to spend most of the day outside playing and gardening and doing odd jobs.

Now Mummy is longing for summer break when all the Monkeys are at home every day!

Until next time

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