Sunday, March 25, 2012

I've been thinking of participating in a thing called

"5 minute fridays"

Yeah, I know it's Sunday but hey, I need a bit of a break, Baby finally settled and we've been trying to settle her all weekend! (actually in truth all 3.5 months!)

Basically gypsymama tells us the word we'll write about and we are only aloud to write for five minutes.....on your mark, get set, go!


Monkey announcing that she found a worm, not just any old worm but a "wiggly slimmy lovely worm". Her words, I promise! Yelled across the back yard for the neighbours and kids at the school behind us to hear, 2 acres away.

Helper's first words (most of the time) when they come inside from playtime outside "Hot Chocolate PLEASE!!!"

Mr. Magoo's "Girls you are so annoying" yup, we've reached that lovely boyhood stage - argh!

Baby's "I'm awake and how dare you not be here hovering over me at every single momment incase I happen to open my eyes!" demands

But you know what I've found the loudest this week? The birds.

The Canada geese are flying North, the Killdeer are back laying in the most pathetic places, the Gold Finches at the feeder fighting over the seed, the Ravens demanding respect (as if), they are all day long announcing in such amazing loud tones that spring is finally here and back and the silence of winter is gone!

The Blue Huron's wings. Flapping. Flying over our house. While we sat outside on the front porch in t-shirts with mugs of hot pipping tea.

THAT was the loudest most magnificent sound of all to me..............this week.

And it is a memory that has imprinted itself on my mind forever.


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