Saturday, August 20, 2011

Well, well, well!

It has been a while, hasn't it. We are once again connected to the Internet, and life is flying past at an unspeakable rate. Our summer has been, well I think the perfect word to describe it would be: lovely. Simply lovely.

2 Bible schools (tenting it), twice a week library visits, ice cream, splash pad, back yard voyages of imagination, Astrix & Oblix comic books (a bit of Tin Tin as well), cuddles on the very seldom rainy day, old fashioned iced tea, kiddie pool hysterics.

Was there tough times - oh yeah! but we'll ignor them for now.

Now that summer is winding down organizational thoughts seem to keep barging into my brain. Only 3 months to go until we are blessed with another olive plant and ever so much to do! So "the list" has been gutted and cut up and re-organized itself.

1) Finish unpacking (a year past the move) and organize the playroom for the winter in the basement
2) Move crib & baby GIRL stuff into the girls room (yes all 3 will be in one room)
3) Do a bit of something in Magoo's room (he is growing up ever so fast)

and that's it. Of course the daily grind stuff will always be there, the meals, laundry & etc.... but if we can get those 3 done I will feel a lot more prepared for the end of November!

It's also time for a new study, and I'm leaning towards Jude. Such a small and overlooked book me thinkest. Anyone care to jump in with me?

Until next time, which I can promise will be more frequent again.

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angela said...

welcome back and a safe delivery of your new babe