Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Countdown is On....

In 1 week our 2 oldest will be heading off to school again. As I'm typing we can hear the clanging of backpacks, pencil cases & lunch bags in the washing machine getting their "back to school" bath. I've heard so many mothers gleeful about the fact that soon they will have more free time and less kids bugging them all day. But I never enjoy this time of year. We love, love, LOVE our summers. Endless days spent together in whatever task we decide to do. Lazy days spent reading books & splashing in the kiddie pool. Bible schools. Late nights because after all their is no school. Even though we love their school, and trust the wonderful brethren & sisters that are teaching them there....I would love to have them under our roof just about all day. Magoo will come home to be home schooled in 4 years and his sister's will follow so it isn't really that far away!

Monkey will be so lost without her older brother and sister. So we're going to head into school for a couple hours each Monday to help with marking and such. Some of the local moms wanted to start up a preschool, and while we don't agree with the idea that you need to start schooling your child at such a young age, we've decided (after initially saying no) that it would do Monkey good to have a day set apart in the month to see her friends (on top of play dates). Since it is only once a month it seems manageable.......I think ;-)

But the one good thing is that the beginning of the school year always gets us into the organization mood. Yesterday was the attack of the girls bedroom. OY! it basically took all day, 1 garbage bag to the curb and 3 of clothing that is either too small or too big packed up and thrown down into the basement. Now it looks clean and ready for a crib to be set up (in a few months) on the opposite wall from their bunk beds. Magoo was so wonderful and tidied up his room on his own! Such a big boy! Of course some weeding out needs to be done, but we'll save that for later when he is at school to lessen the trauma.

It's taken a few days but the study looks like it may possibly be done by tonight.......amazingness. After that it is relaxing time!

Why all this cleaning..............? We have no car. Well we have 1 but Hubby must use it to get to work so until the other one is ready (new to us - hurray) we are here at home.

Well the monkeys are playing nicely downstairs so I must be off to get more done.

the insane nesting one!

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