Friday, October 23, 2009

What a wonderful-gut day we are having here today. Rain streaming down the windows and creeping under the back door (yet another job) highlights the warmth and cozy feeling of being inside and home. We've been struggling with the whole "home schooling" Fridays, even thought we love them, they seem to run away on us! However after a few weeks, well I suppose 2 months at it, finally it is all coming together seamlessly. Here is how we have found the day works best for us:

8 - wave bye-bye to Daddy

8-830 play time while Mummy drinks a cuppa, set the table, prepare something special (pancakes, fruit bowls with yogurt, eggs, etc)

8:30 eat breakfast & get dressed

9:30 start school work. Usually 5 pages of math & English for Magoo, Princess is working on her letter writing and recognition, Sprout scribbles happily on a pad of paper
(at the same time Mummy makes the 2nd weekly batch of bread and pops it into the oven to rise)

10:30 Story time (length varies as to when work is completed)

11 a quick library visit

12 eat lunch, turn on the oven to bake the bread (use timer to turn it off as we will be out), gather piano books

12:40 leave for piano

1 Magoo's piano lesson (sometimes the "ladies" take tea at a local shop, or hang out in the car like today while Sprout sleeps)

2 arrive home, "nap time" which consists of Mummy ignoring the gleeful sounds descending the stairs from the children's rooms ... for as long as I can stand...20-30 minutes.

3 Baking of important and essential items such as chocolate cookies, gooey bars, tarts!

3:30 or 4ish Tea Time starts as the first batch of the above comes out the oven, "Pippy Long stocking" always Joins us from Sweden (from Grandpa B.and Grandma C...which if you are reading they LOVE!)

5 freak out dinner isn't ready......through something yummy together

6 Daddy gets home, dinner is served

7 Daily Bible readings as a family (one chapter, questions, books brought off the shelves to show the kids...pictionary!)

7:45 Bed time

8 Bible Tape Class starts

11:30 ish Mummy falls into bed!

(Have I mentioned how much we simply adore Fridays!)

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Mother By the River said...

I had a giggle over "nap time" - thanks for giving a little window in your day! I really wish that we lived closer!