Monday, January 21, 2008

Nesting My Mind

As you are all well aware, I'm sure, I am in the major nesting stage. Linen closet has been tackled and finished. Flammables have been gathered up and placed in the coldstorage. Kitchen reorganized and cupboards all washed and scrubed clean.

Yesterday got me thinking....(scary I know, I know)

I'm doing all this preparation for the "Olive Plant" arriving (in less then 11 weeks!) and focusing on the house when I should really be focusing on my mind.

It's really just like a house, there is more then too much clutter, areas that need a good scrubing, and reorganizing our priorities.

So on that note I've decided to make some changes. Instead of just reading "good & clean" books (mainly Christian Fiction, but a warning not all in that section are good!) I'm going to read a section in Eureka for every book I rush through.

I need to reorganize our week too. We are ramdonly getting jobs done and preschool lessons thrown in here and there but I need to sit down and figure out a way to work our week.

I'll keep you posted, right now it is time for breakfast!

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