Monday, January 28, 2008

The Joy of Busy Hands
My wonderful sister taught me a couple years ago now how to make bread. Having broken 2 bread makers, I was not going to buy yet another replacement!
Bread making to me was intimidating. All that kneading, and timing, and oh dear me what if it didn't work! See I detest trying things that I don't think will work or that I won't do well, a fault of my flesh.
She had me over a couple times on her bread making days, and patiently showing me how and what and when to do everything. Now every second Monday is our bread making day at home. The Goons love digging their hands into the oey-goey dough and "helping" Mummy.
Bread making always reminds me of those mothers who have gone before us. Providing for their households and passing on the Truth to their little olive plants.
Jochebed would have ground grain and kneading the dough in her kneading trough while trying to hide her precious baby boy. Would it have been a time of prayer for Hannah, as she longed to have a child to stick his hand in and make a mess.
Actually going back to bread makers, I find doing 3-6 loafs at a time much less work then the little loaf that the machine spits out. Measurements don't have to be exact, and This way I only have to make the bread twice in a month, unless we give some away.
As an aside, a fresh loaf of bread, some homemade jam and a box of tea make the perfect "just because" gift.
So grab your big bowl, and get ready to get your hands dirty!
"I will abundantly bless her provision: I will satisfy her poor with bread." Ps 132:15

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