Friday, January 17, 2014

A Weekly Recap

Monday was one of those days. Lots of chocolate, books, hiding out in the bedroom.

Tuesday everything was back to normal which was wonderful :-)

English - It has been an easy week full of pronouns and nouns and tests on Friday - which they did well in (Magoo even got 100%). Monkey is flying through her phonics and readers, though she needs some extra help with g, z & w!

Math - Apparently 3 weeks of holidays means that the multiplication tables vanished out of their long term memories so we are re-learning those as well as the usual math. Monkey is learning to count by 5s on top of her 2,10 & 100s.

Science - Space travel, Magoo was very into this. Our first lesson was on the space shuttle program from start to finish, we were able to find a good documentary on this on YouTube which Magoo watched with Mummy. In our car travels this week we finished listening to "Jonathan Park goes to the Amazon" which was good, but in a different format then the others in the series - more of a story with animals featured in it. We attempted the frozen bubble test, but it was too warm at -16C that day, but it was still fun for the girls.

History - We started our lap-book on ancient Greece, beginning with "baby" Greece which was the three city states of Corinth, Athens & Sparta. Discussed the similarities between the myth of Atlantis and the real events on the island of Thera and the fall of the Minoan civilization. For review we are listening to the first vol. of Mystery of History that arrived via post this week and are all enjoying it - even Mummy. Monkey and Baby had fun playing with "living sand" to make a Minoan palace.

Hebrew - They are getting ready for a pretend trip to Israel, learning travel words and geography words as well as the geography of where Israel is located on the globe and the size in comparison to where we live.

P.E. - Lots of sledding, snow fort building, outdoor skating and getting our strength back after the flu went through all the kids.

Family Read Aloud - We are nearly done "The Long Winter" and it has been a perfect read for our -20 to -40C days. For Tapestry of Grace we have a stack of books that they are all sharing during quiet time in the living room.

Bible Study - They are working on a workbook on Peter for a children's gathering latter next month.

sorry for the lack of pictures, I've tried to upload 3 times and blogger doesn't like them - oh well!

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