Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Schedule

Well life is finally returning to our version of "normal". Not only is the house sold (thanks be to God) and sold in 11 days...but we are also done a whole whack of medical testing.

I haven't blogged about it, or even really talked about it. Suffice it to say I had been having tremors and spasms on the right side of my face and down my arm and hand. On occasion it even felt like my inner organs were shaking.

So after a Doppler, CT scan and now an MRI we are in the clear and don't have to return for 6 mths (unless they start back to 4-5 times a day again).

According to the Neurological Specialist (big fancy title eh?) It is most likely a connection in the brain that had terminated and is re-connecting itself by finding new pathways through the brain. He even said that the brain is the "final frontier" of medicine and that they really don't understand a lot and definitely cannot explain what has been happening in my brain. I had an episode during the MRI and they could see the neurons (or something) "firing" or talking to each other in the left lobe.

The fact that the brain can heal itself and fix bad connections is simply amazing. God has created us in such a unique and amazing way hasn't he.

The annoying (and maddening) part is that someone decided to send out an email about me....and you know how they get forwarded around and now people think I have a brain tumour. Nope, they checked, no tumor! I hate gossip! Really really hate it!

I am glad that this all happened though. I have finally learnt that it doesn't matter what the house looks like, what the kids look like, what I look like ( or wear for that matter), what I weigh, if I'm stylish (cause I'm not....). All that matters is being a loving and patient Mother, teaching them the Word that they may grow to be godly olive plants set to serve Yhwh!

So that was yesterday. Now life is returning to our version of normal. Monkey is doing very well at being seat trained for meeting. She sits through Bible class and lecture on her own chair and we no longer bring her booster seat for her to be strapped into. Yes, we tried the whole blanket training thing and it simply didn't work for any of our three. If it works for you then great, but our kids aren't allowed toys in meeting so hence the blanket didn't work. This way they understand that they have to sit for the whole service in a chair.

Hr Bible bag is full of interesting Bible and old fashioned (my first little house books) books and some crayons, stickers and a Bible colouring book. She also has a small magnet board and some lace up bear clothing. The most important for her is her small hymn book and Bible and head covering, she loves to sit there with her Bible on her lap (usually upside down) her head covering on and point out how Mummy and Helper and she has one on and point out all of our Bibles (whispering of course)

I love it when the children can get to this stage. We've been sitting out for ages but now I can listen instead of constantly being on top of her.

It has been pouring rain here for the last week, and many family are sick, so we've been making chicken soup by the pot full. Last night we enjoyed this one:

Heat 3 T Oil in pot
Dice and add 1 onion, 1 stalk celery, 1 large carrot, 4 lrg potatoes
Cook until browned
Turn down to a simmer and add 6 C water, salt and pepper to taste

Cook for 1 hour, covered
Serve with fresh bread and butter.

There is another pot of it simmering this morning for Mum as she has the flu.

I've been asked to blog about our 2 Passover Seders but I have no pictures! I will try to tomorrow though.

God Bless

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Mama Bec said...

My dear linds, I had no idea about your awful spasms and had no idea about the rumour either, but can totally understand how frustrating that must have been, I DESPISE gossip too!!!
I really hope that you are really really doing ok now, and am SO relieved that there is nothing serious going on, and hope that it doesn't return again. You're absolutely right, the body is an incredible and miraculous thing God has created.
Sending you loads of hugs, may you keep strong and continue to be a mother after God's heart, and encourage us all to do so too! x