Monday, January 18, 2010

Random Thoughts

The girls are tucked under quilts in their beds, a cuppa sits next to the keyboard and sister's class is nearly done so here I sit enjoying a few spare minutes in the day before jump starting yet another project.

The girls and I joined in today as it was "Beach Day" at school and really enjoyed all the bright and cheerful faces as we served up a fun lunch. After reading a simply amazing and powerful article in the Lampstand last night on Mary Magdalene and her spirit of serving others it seemed fitting.

Question though. I find it easy to serve in aspects I love, cooking, baking, writing note cards, knitting, opening our home to others...and less so with other things. You?

Is it service when you are doing something you love?

Something I need to ponder and come up with an answer for.

So this new project....

We're selling the house. So if anyone is interested in a custom designed and built home...let us know!

We never thought we'd be moving from here unless we had too.

BUT we need to be closer to CHC. Right now we spend 2 hours a day in the car. OY!

The Lot is purchased and now we have to get the house set up and prepped with 3 kids in the house!


I think I need an espresso instead of this tea.

Off I go to start loading boxes!

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