Monday, September 21, 2009

Welcome Back
(Well to me anyways)

We have thoroughly enjoyed our summer. Time spent relaxing (as much as one can with 3 children 6 and under) and playing with the Goons. Magoo had 2 hospital stays because of his poor wee lungs, Princess has turned into a sweetheart and helps Mummy around the house, Sprout is no longer just a sprout, but a climber! oh my! We were blessed to go to one Bibles School this summer and gained a lot spiritually from that. A week spent at the family cottage (read very rustic) was also a nice break.

Now it is time to get into gear for CHC and the Fall. Last week we made 4 batches of salsa and 1 batch of fruit sauce for our pantry, but alas the fruit sauce needed re-processing and well, um, I burnt it all! 12 2C Mason jars worth in the garbage. Yes, that made me feel so sick! So now that job has to be redone, again!

Magoo has started grade 1, loving every minute of it. Mummy is finding the drive difficult. 2 hours every day (there and back and there and back) that in fact last Thursday I nearly fell asleep at the wheel and therefore had to miss the baptisms that evening.

So any ideas on making the drive a bit more bearable for the girls and I?

Saturday night I ripped our weekly schedule off of the cupboard it was taped to. It was driving me crazy. With Sprout climbing everything, including frequently dancing on the dining room table, standing on the kitchen counter, and getting 1/2 way up the upright piano! I simply cannot get enough done in a day. Laundry sits wet in the washer until I remember to put it into the dryer....2 days latter, and did I mention the dryer is broken so it takes 2 runs to dry clothes.

To help with all the jobs to get done, we are clearing out the house! So nice to get rid of stuff and actually be able to see the basement flour, well in some areas at least.

So between being humbled immensy by the Goons and being shown I am anything BUT a super Mum, that plus Magoo's health troubles, are teaching me to lean more on God and let Him lead me in the path that we should go.

So many things to post about, but thought that after the hiatus of the summer a catch up would do.

Until next time "Trust in Yhwh with all thine heart and lean not on thine own understanding"


a sister said...

Sorry to hear about the fruit sauce! Speaking of fruit sauce... did we ever get the recipe? ;)

Kurt & Kate said...

Skip the driving on Thursdays. Be at my house by 8:10 and I'll take him and bring him back. Every Thursday.

Waiting on YHWH said...

I also drive 2 hours every day that I drop my husband off at work and need the car and just in the past year I have listened to over 5 bible schools worth of classes and that's without doing it every time. Sometimes it's nice to just listen to a few CDs and sing at the top of my lungs! But even with these good things I really dislike that much driving so I hear you!