Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We have an amazing little local library. Any book that you are looking for they will hunt down and borrow from another library, sometimes hours away! "Linda the Library Lady" as the Goons call her is so wonderful in putting books on hold for us that she knows we will ike and find useful. This was one of them. What a simply delightful book! It is beautiful to look through and its layout is simply perfect!

So our stockpile (did I say 'our' I meant 'my') has been brought up from the basement and oh my, what a mess! I've decided on making a bucket bag (on the right on the picture) for Sprout, a pocket bag for myself, an everyday skirt for Missy and so the list goes on.

The skirt will be saved for the holidays and perhaps I'm sew a tie of the same fabric for Magoo. There is a darling pattern for a gardening apron that is screaming to be made for my Mother as well!

These should keep me very busy while D is on another buisness trip. Those are getting easier each time. The Goons and I are getting into the routine of having D home for a week and then away for the weekdays of the next. It helps that it is Autumn and we are all craving veggie stews and simple meals, made even more simple when it is only the Goons and I at home.

Here is a picture of my overflowing fabric pile....

Ofcourse Monday while running Mum B around town for her errands I stopped by Fabricland as they had a huge sale on and couldn't resist some more. The Magen David will be used to make a skirt for Missy and a tie for Magoo for the holidays.


Jenna said...

Happy sewing!! I think the 'sewing bug' has been going around because I've been in the mood for sewing, too. I've finally gotten back to the pink baby quilt project that I was working on at this time last year!! It's almost finished, though, and I look forward to starting new projects. :)

The book the Library Lady has held for you looks wonderful! I can see why you were inspired to do so many projects. I'll look forward to seeing all the results. :)

In the bottom photo of your fabric selections from Fabricland - I choose the very same two fabrics on top and made a "rag" quilt out of them! We must have similar tastes in fabric prints. :) I love toile, too, like the black one just below the two floral prints. What are you making with that one?

Did you use a pattern for your red cotton skirt? I just love that skirt because it's simple and long. That skirt is on my long list of future sewing projects (God willing).

Hope all is well! Again, happy sewing!

Anonymous said...


I wanted to stop by and thank you for the *lovely* comment you left on my blog. (o:

Many Blessings,

Michelle said...

Thanks - I did see that you posted that book the other day - I'll have to see if our library could get it from another library - I'm just now starting to feel like sewing again.